Good Samaritan museum near Ma’ale Adumin

The Good Samaritan museum, which is located near Ma’ale Adumin, will be opening its doors to the wider public during the month of August. The mosaic museum is the only one of its kind in Israel, and one of only three worldwide.

The museum is situated on the road outside Jerusalem that is associated with the biblical town of Ma’ale Adumim and the border between the tribes of Benjamin and Judah (Joshua 15:7 and 18:17).

According to the article in Zman Tzafon, August 16, 2012, the site is also associated with “the inn that is mentioned in the parable of the Good Samaritan in the New Testament (Luke 10:25-37).

Three different religious people are mentioned in this parable: Jews, Jesus who proclaims Christianity, and a Samaritan who did a good deed. The museum was built to reflect this parable, and the mosaics were carefully selected along the same lines.” This is why the various historical artifacts on display are from Jewish synagogues, Samaritan synagogues, and churches.

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