Messianic Jew fulfilling his dream

“After a long legal struggle, Messianic Jew David Ram (20), who is from Jerusalem, has succeeded in fulfilling his dream and was drafted into the IDF.” So begins this article at Yediot Yerushalayim, , August 17, 2012, which features a large picture of Ram in his army uniform. The article tells Ram’s story, how his father discovered Messianic Judaism and decided to raise his children according to this faith.

Ram’s family came to Israel from the Czech Republic when he was five. He studied at the Anglican School in Jerusalem, and being surrounded by many non-Israelis, he became aware the scope of the anti-Israel attitude.

But when Ram wanted to be drafted to the army, the Ministry of Interior would not grant him citizenship because of his beliefs. Ram did not give up and commenced a legal battle which included an appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice – and he won.

Now, after being granted permanent residency, and after being officially considered an Israeli, he has fulfilled the dream he was fighting for. Six months ago, Ram joined the armored corps, and he says his friends in the army accept him in an “amazing” way, regardless of their religious differences. “I am very glad God has directed me to this place,” says Ram. Now his only hope is that his 17-year-old brother will not face the same challenges he did as he prepares to join the army.

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  1. Hallelujah for Ram. This is a great example for us all. My prayerto Hashem to you & brother

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