Hebrew writings that are fulfilled in the Messiah Yeshua

Rachel Netanel, Beit Netanel, En Kerem Israel

A couple of months ago a young Israeli man by the name of Yosi heard the Gospel from me and promised to come and study at my home. He has been coming twice a week and I have taught him only from the Tanach (Old Testament) and the richness of these Hebrew writings that are fulfilled in the Messiah, Yeshua. One lesson that I opened up for him was from Genesis 1:26 where it used the plural form for God (אלוהים = Elohim) “Then God (Elohim) said, ‘Let Us make man in our image (צלמנו), according to Our likeness (ונתמוד)…) Likeness in Hebrew is character. God and man have the same image and character – both have exactly the same authority in these ways. Angels are not created like this – they are not equal. In Genesis 17 and 18, God refers to Himself as El (singular for God). This is the same word used in Isaiah 9:6 where we see God (singular) – El Gibor (God, the mighty One) and also El Shadai (God the all sufficient One). From this we see can see the One who sits with God and has the same authority.

Yosi was so excited by this lesson that he talked about it with his mother, brother and sister-in-law and all of them wanted to come for another lesson on Shabbat. So on Saturday evening they came and together with 2 other people, we sat on the roof of my home overlooking the beautiful village of Ein Kerem and studied the Word of God. This was an excellent meeting as the Holy Spirit was there to open their hearts and minds to the Scriptures.

God continues to give me many opportunities to share the Gospel. The other week while shopping in a shoe store, I shared with a lady there about Yeshua (Jesus) and she was so excited that she said she absolutely must come and visit to hear more. That same day in yet another store, I spoke to an Arab man from Abu Ghosh who wants to go with me to my congregation.

Also, I talked with an Israeli man by the name of Baruch two months ago about Yeshua. He said that he didn’t want to hear another word about Him. I told him that if I don’t talk about Yeshua and my faith in Him, then I have nothing to talk about. Yesterday, he called again and said that he wants to hear more and tomorrow we will go together to meet with the pastor of my congregation.

Shalom and warmest greetings from Israel Rachel


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1 Response to Hebrew writings that are fulfilled in the Messiah Yeshua

  1. pastor James Goudaa says:

    wonderful! may the Lord Jashua use you more and this has encouraged me find the hebrew bible

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