Israeli brand uses Lord’s Prayer on T-shirts

Barak Tamir, a religious IDF officer, recently discovered that he might soon need to look for a ‘kosher’ stamp on his clothes and not just his food. Tamir, who purchased a T-Shirt from Israeli fashion brand Castro, found out after the fact that his shirt included a reprint of The Lord’s Prayer, a well known Christian prayer.

Tamir purchased the shirt a few days before the Passover holiday and decided to wear his new purchase to holiday services at his local synagogue. Towards the end of the prayer service, an older man, who was sitting behind him, turned to him and asked him to stay at the synagogue after services to chat. Later, the man asked Tamir if he knew what the inscription on his shirt meant and claimed that he believed it was a Christian prayer.

When the holiday was over Tamir looked into the matter and was astonished to discover that indeed, the inscription was that of The Lord’s Prayer from the New Testament.

Castro allowed Tamir to exchange the shirt and added: “Castro designers draw their inspiration from various and diverse cultural content. The print on the shirt is the creation of the designer which was done as part of a gothic inspiration and not at all in its religious context.”

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