Moshe Dayan and the Nazarene

I recently read an amazing statement from General Moshe Dayan as he lay on his death bed in 1981.  A Hebrew-language newspaper in Jerusalem reported some of his last words:  “All my life,” the dying general said, “it seems that someone has been following me; and that someone was the Nazarene.” * Apparently Jesus of Nazareth significantly occupied Dayan’s thoughts during his lifetime.  We know there are many Jewish people like him who have heard about Yeshua and continue to wonder about Him.

“Therefore My people shall know My name; therefore they shall know in that day, that I am He who speaks, ‘Behold, it is I’” (Is. 52:6).

David Davis,

[* Quote from Standing Fast in the Last Days by Elwood McQuaid, p. 55].

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